Audix OM11 Dynamic Hypercardioid Vocal Microphone + 6 meter XLR Lead

picture copyright micsdirect

picture copyright micsdirect

AUDIX OM11 Dynamic Hypercardioid Vocal Microphone + 6 meter XLR Lead

The OM11 is a re-issue of the OM1, a hand-made microphone first introduced in 1985. The OM1 quickly established itself as one of the best mics for rock and roll. It was discontinued, unfortunately, because of the prohibitive costs associated with producing it. Now, 16 years later, we are proud to re-issue it with the original cutting edge sound and stylish two-stage, machined brass body. With an updated composite capsule housing and mounting system, the OM11 has very high output with extremely low handling noise. 

The OM11 is characterized with an elevated mid range for sharp, crisp vocals along with a slight bass proximity to enrich the over-all sound. The mic also handles very high SPL levels without distortion, has superior off-axis rejection and supplies maximum gain before feedback. A spring steel grill and all brass construction provide rock solid durability. 

The new OM11 successfully maintains the integrity of the original capsule, while taking advantage of some of the advancements of today's materials and automated production processes. Balanced, low impedance output allow for interference-free performance even with long cable runs.


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