iSK DM-55R Vintage Style Dynamic Vocal Microphone + 6 meter XLR Lead


iSK DM-55R Vintage Style Dynamic Vocal Microphone + 6 meter XLR Lead

The iSK DM-55R represents the highest quality dynamic microphone technology ever to be achieved in a Vintage Style Mic. Although the body style is similar to other retro style microphones, only the iSK DM55R is fitted with the newly developed iSK RT capsule. The large diaphragm dynamic capsule exceeds the performance of any other Retro Style Microphone on the market today, with a wide dynamic range and frequency boost in the upper mid range. A unique metal mesh windscreen is fitted to the inside of the microphone shell, with a further foam layer thus offering a breath blast filter allowing the user to sing close to the microphone with little worry of pops or excessive sibilance. The iSK-DM-55R large diameter dynamic element is mounted in a unique 4-point rubber shock mount, decoupling the element from the massive chrome plated zinc metal body. A convenient on/off switch is provided on the base section together with 3-pin XLR connection and 5/8" stand thread. This new technology created for the iSK DM-55R has resulted in the production of a Vintage Style Microphone that out-performs all the competition.


*  ELEMENT:  Dynamic (iSK-RT)
*  POLAR PATTERN:  Super Cardioid
*  SENSITIVITY:  -50dB +/- 3dB (0dB=1V/Pa @1KHz)
*  OUTPUT IMPEDANCE:  300 ohms +/- 30% @1KHz
*  WEIGHT:  490g.
*  DIMENSIONS:  68 x 56 x 190mm


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