iSK HF2010 Professional semi-open studio monitoring headphones

iSK HF2010 Professional semi-open studio monitoring headphones


Operating Principle: Semi-open
Type: Circumaural
Transducer Type: Dynamic
Transducer Diameter: 53mm
Impedance: 60Ω
Sensitivity: 93±3dB
Frequency Response: 15Hz-28kHzMax
Power:600mW Rating
Cable: 3m approx
Connector: 3.5mm stereo jack
Adapter: 3.5mm stereo socket to 1/4" stereo jack

The iSK HF2010 Headphone is a semi-open, professional Hi-Fi monitoring headphone. It has a flat and natural sound with clear separation, transparent high frequencies, accurate middle frequencies, and a full and driving low frequency. The iSK HF2010 is ideal for accurate detailed studio monitoring. 


  • modern professional design

  • semi-open structure, circumaural design, accurate and clear sound reproduction

  • high quality aluminum sliding support, light in weight, durable

  • black metal grille ear-shells, acoustically designed for a natural semi-open sound

  • manganese steel framework

  • high quality protein leather headband and soft honeycombed velvet ear cushions for extended wearing time

  • precise cavity design incorporating a compact fibre foam to effectively reduce distortion

  • newly designed 53mm diameter large membrane drivers producing clear and powerful sound without distortion

  • ultra-light aluminum coil  providing excellent dynamic range

  • utilizes an NdFeB magnet system, perfect instant dynamic response

  • single-sided OFC cable, good signal transfer and low noise

  • durable screw-on jack, ensuring a high quality connection




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