SUPERLUX HA3D 3 Channel Portable Headphone Amplifier

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Field Recording & Studio

Superlux HA3D is a portable, stereo headphone amplifier designed for demanding and critical audio monitoring. This audiophile-quality headphone amp is ideal for adding headphone feeds for portable, studio, and audio enthusiast applications. The HA3D provides 3 independent headphone feeds from balanced or unbalanced line sources. Each headphone output is controlled by the associated level control, equipped with independent peak LED, and 1/4-inch output connector. With its extended bandwidth and high current/voltage drive capability the HA3D can drive headphones of various impedances to high levels with very low distortion, important for monitoring in high SPL environments. It can be powered from two-AA batteries or external DC. The HA3D will provide years of superb audio performance under the most demanding field conditions.

• 3 independent headphone outputs with individual volume controls.
• Frequency response from 10 Hz to 50 kHz.
• ≥120dB dynamic range.
• High power driving capability, drives headphones to high levels with 
   very low distortion.
• Individual peak indicators show overload of each headphone feed.
• Master Stereo / Mono switch.
• Powered by 2 AA alkaline batteries or adapter with 5-17V DC output
• Versatile input and output connectors
• Sturdy Aluminum alloy structure 

Dual Power
Internal battery power (2 x AA) for convenient, low cost power.
Long battery life - more than 10 hours (Alkaline batteries, @ nominal drive level).
External 5-17VDC powering.

Flexible Inputs / outputs
2 balanced XLR line level inputs or unbalanced 1/4-inch and 1/8-inch stereo inputs
Loop output to connect additional HA3D’s in series for extra headphone outputs.

Durable Mechanical construction
High strength aluminum chassis withstands challenging field conditions.
Strap loops on side panels for easy mounting or wearing.
Panel-mounted connectors for strength and reliability.
Easy access battery compartment for quick battery changes.

Frequency Response: 
10 Hz-50 kHz, ±1.0 dB, any input to any output, gain control set to 50% 

Voltage Gain:
(Gain, Loop, Out Headphone output) Bal. Line, -3dB, 34dB; HP Input, -1dB, 35dB 

Output Clipping Level: 
+18dBu m inimum with 600 Ω load
+16dBu m inimum with 300 Ω load 

Headphone Output impedance: 200 Ω 

Input Clipping Level: 
XLR:+24 dBu 

Dynamic Range: ≥120 dB (Balanced line inputs) 

THD + Noise: 
0.03% maximum(from 10 Hz–22k Hz @ +10 dBu input and output level, 300 ohm load, 10 Hz–22k Hz filter bandwidth) 

XLR-electronically balanced, 22k ohm input impedance

1/4-inch unbalanced-9.1k ohm impedance
1/8-inch unbalanced-9.1k ohm impedance
Note: only one set of inputs (balanced or unbalanced) should be connected at a time 

Loop Output: Unbalanced, 200 Ω output impedance 

Internal Voltage Rails: ±15V, regulated 

Power: Internal: 
2 AA alkaline batteries, 12 hours life typical driving one 75 Ω headset; 
External: 5-17 VDC via threaded coaxial connector, (5.5mm outer diameter, 2.1 mm inner diameter), pin positive, sleeve negative. Voltages above 17 VDC cause no damage to unit, but will open an inter- nal poly fuse. Poly fuse will reset when voltage is removed. 

Power LED: 
Green indicates power and good battery, Red indicates power with low batteries. LED turns red when approximately 4 hours of battery life remain Operating Temperature Range: 0°-70°C (32°-160°F)

Dimensions (H×W×D):
 43×94×140 mm(1.69"×3.7"×5.51")

Net Weight: (unit only) 0.56 kg, 1.24 lbs

Packaging: Colorful outer packaging



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