SUPERLUX DRK-A5 + Clamps + XLR Leads

DRK-A5 Five Piece Drum Mic Set


1 x Kick & 4 x Snare/Tom
This kit contains one PRA-218A for picking up the low frequencies of such instruments as kick and bass drums and four PRA-228A microphones designed to pick up the mid-low frequency instruments such as toms, floor toms, snare, guitars, etc.

* 1 x PRA-218A kick. Dynamic supercardioid; frequency response: 20 - 12.5 kHz
* 4 x PRA-228A snare / tom mics. Dynamic supercardioid; frequency response: 50 - 16 kHz
* 5 x 6 meter XLR(M) to XLR(F) cables
* 4 x High Quality fully adjustable Clamps (clip may differ slightly to one pictured)
* Brass mic stand adaptors
* Protective foam-lined carry case